Shelley McDonald

I have over 20 years of experience in the floral industry with the last 12 being exclusively devoted to weddings and events.

I am most well known for really listening to my clients to get the feel for what they are envisioning and making it above and beyond that on the day of the event.  I use my creativity to design each wedding around the individual client.

I pride myself on giving excellent client service and love working with brides.  

"There is something magical about the arrangements Shelley is able to create and she was able to deliver everything I imagined and more to make our wedding day that much more glorious! I enjoyed every minute working with Shelley and she was super fun and very accommodating. I would recommend her to every bride that cares about the details, strives for perfection, and appreciates art - because that is exactly what you'll be blown away by on your special day - detail, perfection, and art! Thank you Shelley!"

Deena Shields

Deena began her career in the event industry in 1992 when she opened her first floral shop.

After several years of designing upscale floral

for corporate and private events, Deena decided to expand her expertise into event design.  While working as an Event and Production manager, she uses her floral design skills to create elaborate and unique events.  With over 25 years of floral and event design experience, Deena can turn your ideas into one-of-a-events that your guests will always remember!